Quoattel Kessler

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Quoattel Kessler

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 20, 2015 3:12 pm

Quoattel Kessler (prefers Kessler or Q-Ket)
Feathered Lamia Drakaina
Wind Defense, Natural Defense, Natural Offense, Wind Buff, Wind Resistance
Frost Yielding, Fire Weakness
HP: 6
MP: 0
DP: 2
Q-Ket is an amber colored lamia, with a patch of feathers on his head that gives him the appearance of having hair. Kessler has deep, amber, almost honey colored eyes.
Q-Ket is rather timid, especially for an Ophis, he highly values Atem above all others, with Blitz being a close second; the remainder go as follows: Schien, Brand, Erden, Hagel, Zaub, Leere, Duster. He is also very drawn to anything of a yellow, golden, or amber color. Kessler prefers being in his smaller form as it is easier for him to hide.
Q-Ket grew up in a small desert village in Xaiji Kaihua, both of his parents were Rahvede farmers and Slooge ranchers. When he was younger he was often sent on trips to the nearby markets to buy, sell and barter for needed tools, crops and livestock, a chore he very much enjoyed, as he grew he yearned to travel the continent, continuing to buy, sell and barter; as such he decided to become a traveling merchant and saved up to buy some camping equipment and a Slooge named Maizen. Shortly afterwards he set off, trading across Xerakhan.
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