Directions, languages, and other miscellany

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Directions, languages, and other miscellany

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The  directions are measured by the planets various majjyck poles. These being Guang, Hei'an, Feng, Hou, Tu, Shui, and Shandian. The Gorin Empire sits at the Guang pole of the planet, and the Hei'an pole lays on the opposite side of the planet, the entirety of the Hei'an hemisphere is not currently planned on appearing in Xerakhan. The compass takes the image of a five pointed star with Feng at the top, Huo at the upper right, Tu at the lower right, Shandian at the lower left and Shui at the upper left.


The basic language spoken by the people of Xerakhan is English (and it's variants), Mando'a is used as the 'trade language;' in addition to theses, each country has its own 'national languages,' with one of the set being the 'noble language.' The Gorin national languages are the Asian dialects, with Mandarin as the noble language. The Dongji Tai national dialects are the Amerind dialects with Nahuatl as the noble language. The Xaiji Kaihua national languages are the Nordic dialects, with Norse being the noble language. The Xiao Qiu national languages are the Bantu dialects, with Swahili as the Noble language. The Huihuang Wu national languages are the Latin dialects, with Italian being the noble language. The Quan Tang national dialects are the Slavic dialects with Russian as the noble language.

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