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Post by Conduit on Sun Jun 21, 2015 9:39 pm

Pyrite, Zeta, Omni, Fulmen, Promethean
Metal Hide, Tech Buff, Thorn Aura, Stunning Palm, Physical Resistance, Fire Defense
Magic Incompetence, Lightning Yielding
HP: 6
MP: 0
DP: 2
Conduit possesses a small framed, bronze chassis; and a crimson photoprojection unit in his photoreceptors. His chassis is styled in a star-like pattern causing there to be sharp projection from his shoulders, hips, the base of his stabilizing support rod and the back of his neck. His cranial chassis is styled in a pentagonal pattern, giving it the appearance of an anime stylized human head.
Conduit has a very reserved personality, with no discernible preference, and prefers to observe and learn rather than discuss. When he does talk, he has a very calm voice, but lacks the typical syntax translation program, causing his speech patterns and word choices to be quite mechanical
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Trophy Rope:
Solid Grey with light grey, green, and clear beads

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