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A bronze shelled Promethean, half buried in sand, shifts as his circuitry buzzes back to life. "Inquiry = Location... Error 408. Inquiry = Time... Error 408. Inquiry = Date... Error 408. Inquiry = Name... Error 429." He says, pulling himself out of the sand as his photoprojection units blink a few times before remaining turned on, allowing him to see. "I see... Desert area, plateau... Likelihood of nearby civilization... 23.73%" He pauses for a brief moment. "Inquiry = What am I... Error 418. Funny, but not helpful." He says to himself, "First, find a way down; second, find civilization; third, soul searching..." he finishes as he makes his way to the edge of the plateau, walking along the edge until finding the stairway. "Convenient," he states as he begins his trek down the narrow pathway.

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