Serpent in the Straw

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Serpent in the Straw

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:52 pm

A large, Sunglow Slooge, daffodil spindles decorating a saffron shell, sits outside a small thatch hut that seems a bit worse for wear. A warm, sulfurous wind ripples across golden fields of Rahvede. A small amber Lamia loads a small jonquil trunk into the compartment of the Slooge's shell, he faces behind himself and waves to two similarly citrine Lamia, he then closes the compartment and slithers around the shell to a saddle strapped to the top. Waving a final farewell, he flicks the reins, "Onward, Maizen," he shouts, setting off on his eagerly awaited venture.

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