Kyofu Uragira

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Kyofu Uragira

Post by nerrax on Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:18 pm

Name: Kyofu Uragira
Race[/i]: Arctic Kitsune
Feats: Majjyck Buff, Martial Affinity, Insulated, Sonic Sense, and Fire Affinity
Flaws: Fire Yielding, and Physical debuff
HP: 6
MP: 0
DP: 2
Appearance: Kyofu a snow white six tailed Kitsune. Kyofu' skin porcelain colored with red claw marks along his cheeks that glow and form vapors when using majjyck, and he has a horrible burn scar on his back. His hair is wild/shaggy and goes down to his lower back which he will often keep braided if he's feeling up to the hassle. Kyofu's eyes are gold with a red ring around his dark brown pupils.
Personality: Kyofu is a bit of a scrambled egg on the account of his amnesia. His personality most of the time is cool and level headed and yet when met with utter confusion or anything that causes his memory to relapse, he goes into a chaotic rage that nothing seems to be able to stop except for a specific hum. In addition, due to his amnesia, Kyofu tends to mix words up or mess up how to phrase a sentence such as instead of saying "lets get this show on the road," he'd say "lets get this hoe on the row," this being something many are trying to fix.
History: Kyofu can't remember most of his past other than pain and a man who's face seems to be lit with fire. He only knows his name due to a piece of paper he assumes is an ID. The last thing he can truly remember was waking up in the middle of dessert to which he finds highly uncomforting since he's more suited for the cold and because he was completely naked at the time. Now Kyofu wanders the land trying to find any clue to the man with the burning face and to who he really is or was....

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