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Smithen Wesson

Post by Zephyr on Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:13 pm

Smithen Wesson
Male, Neko Kemonomimi
Majjyck Buff, Martial Affinity, Insulated, Balance, Low Light Vision
Fire Yielding, Water Yielding
Smithen has dark brown, almost black fur, with long, lengthwise, black stripes that are nearly indistinguishable from the rest of his fur; straight, shortish, shaggy cranial fur that falls just past where his ears would be if he were human; sharp teeth, with lightly elongated canines; a rough, flat tongue; furry, perky, pointed ears; deep, dark brown eyes, with barely visible, cat-like pupils; lightly tanned skin; a long, furry tail; a small build, being both short and scrawny; and a slim, but toned physique. He wears a (mostly) white button-down shirt; a black, leather vest; dark brown, almost black, leather bandoleer strapped across his chest; dark brown, almost black, denim pants; black, leather chaps; dark brown, almost black, cowboy boots with black embroidery; solara spurs; a black, leather, cowboy hat with a large white feather; black leather gloves; and a black, leather eye mask.
He is a very determined individual, though a bit naive and air headed, often overlooking very important details, and failing to comprehend fairly simple subjects; he also has a charming, romantic streak, those this seems to be natural interaction for him, rather than one based on attraction.
History tba
Trophy Rope:
Red with White accent and black beads


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