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The people of Xerakhan use a variety of crystals for currency, the value of each changes, not only from city to city, but from merchant to merchant. These crystals are crystallized majjyck.

Atem - Is crystallized Wind Majjyck, and is orange in color.
Blitz - Is crystalized Lightning Majjyck, and is yellow in color.
Brand - Is crystallized Fire Majjyck, and is red in color.
Duster - Is crystallized Dark Majjyck, and is black in color.
Erden - Is crystallized Earth Majjyck, and is green in color.
Hagel - Is crystallized Water Majjyck, and is blue in color.
Leere - Is crystallized Void Majjyck, and is purple in color.
Schein - Is crystallized Light Majjyck, and is white in color.
Zaub - Is unaligned crystallized Majjyck, and is clear in color.

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