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Introduction to Culture, Encyclopedic

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Angel of Death
A group of 'Freedom Fighters,' whose goal is to free the world from the corruption of control and power, seen by some as paragons of freedom, and others as pariahs of chaos.

Aztlan Municipality
The capital city central government of Dongji Tai, is divided into districts, each of which is lead by a Duke and Duchess, who in turn are all ruled by a Grand High Duke and Duchess. The current Grand High Duke and Duchess of Aztlan Municiple are Cain and Catarina Prower, who are also the Duke and Duches of the Leere District. The Blitz District is ruled by Landis and Renee Moonseed. The Hagel District is ruled by Kendal Morghain. The Atem District is ruled by Myrrhys Khalenzkhv. The Brand District is ruled by Goramir the Requiem. The Erden District is Ruled by Morrigan Putnam. Due to being a largely elven populace, the Aztlan Municiality is has been locked in a cold war with Untervall since the exile of Gilgamesh re-sparked the war between Elves and Dwarves.

Aztlan Municiple Militia
Being a fairly peacful, and neutral nation, Dongji Tai does not have a formal Military, instead it has a militia of volunteers to protect it from any threat that may arise. The Militia is currently lead by Duchess Goramir the Requiem of Brand. Current members of the militia include: Chaumeariel Luisant, Kleopatra Telluria, Nuanderchelion Enflamael, and Vitorino Francois among others.

Brea Empire
An Empire from beyond the Brae Rift, said to rival the Gorin Empire in both size and strength, led by Empress Ilymia Eshtin. Due to its inaccessibility, not much is known about the political standings of the Brae Empire.

Devils of the Depths
Lead by Aoni Manjukiri, this armada is known as the Devils of the Depths, or sometimes as the Devils from the Depths, largely due to the fact that they are all Leviathan races, and mostly Coelacanth, also due to the rumor that his ships sail underwater for the most part, only to emerge when attacking. The Devils of the Depths, and by extension Zmey Bukhta are hostile towards most outsiders, attacking any who sail their waters without permission from Zmey Bukhta

The capital twin cities and prominent government of Hu Huang Wu, Lead by twin monarchs, Gavin and Merlo Tyndari. The people of Dioscuri are largely dedicated to the arts and academics, as such they are a rather peaceful nation.

A nation of ascended, lead by Elsworth and Victoria Ashcroft. Elysium has been at war with Jigoku since the beginning of time, or so history would suggest. Aside from their long standing grudge against Jigoku, and an uneasy alliance with the Prometheans and Gorin Empire, Elysium is a relatively peaceful nation.

Greyhawk Society
Lead by Torian Genegala, this clan is founded on the principal that the strong must protect the weak, whether they want to or not, they train diligently and are known for stealing valuables and supplies from those who have too much in order to provide for those who don't have enough, it is rumored that they attack on two fronts, one being the road, and the other by appealing to the nature of people being more generous when being watched and pressured to make charitable donations.

Gorin Empire
Ruled by Emperor Anesideimos, The Gorin Empire is the most prominant power in Xerakhan. Rivaled only by the nation of Jigoku, the Brae Empire, and the Merchants of Death. It is a peaceful and largely human-centric society, while they view humans as better than other races, they do not treat non-humans poorly. The Gorin Empire has an uneasy alliance with Elysium and the Zodiac Council, as well as a shaky truce with Jigoku, and has declared open war with Zmey Bukhta.

Gorin Empirical Military
Lead by Emperor Anesideimous, the Gorin Empirical Military is, as the name suggests, the militant force of the Gorin Empire.

Gorin Royal Guard
Lead by Mustang, under the orders of Anesideimous, the Gorin Royal Guard is the executive police force of the Gorin Empire.

Hand of God
A splinter faction of Elysium's Military force, lead by a council of five.

Hell fire is the military force of Jigoku, lead by King Akaran Wyverplex, also known as the Knight of Pentacles and the Lord of Damnation, and his council of Knights. The Economy of Hell is organized by Jevani, the Knight of Scales, also known as the Lord of Decay, Lord of Plagues, and (much to his displeasure) Lord of Flies. The military of Hell is run by Grendall the Mad, Knight of Swords, also Known as the Lord of Sacrifice. The Circle of Magi is run by an unknown Knight of Wands, also known as the Lord of Anguish. The Guardians of Hell are managed by an unknown Knight of Staves, also known as Lord of Calamity. Hell's Treasury is maintained by an unknown Knight of Coins, also Known as the Lord of Carnage. They have been at war with Elysium for longer than history can account for, are at war with the Holy Order of Paladins Eternal, and have a shakey truce with the Gorin Empire.

Holy Order of Paladins Eternal
Founded by Jonathan Kingston Locke to seek out and destroy evil wherever it may try to hide. They have a strong Alliance with the Gorin Empire and have declared war on Jigoku.

A nation of descended, ruled by Akaran Wyverplex, King of Hell. They have been at war with Elysium for longer than history can account for, are at war with the Holy Order of Paladins Eternal, and have a shaky truce with the Gorin Empire.

Merchants of Death
Led by Ktallejja, the Merchants of Death is a religious organization that buys and sells various weapons, armor, items, and artifacts. They have also been known to wipe out entire battlefields, and hold grudges. Due to their unpredictable nature, the Merchants of Death are considered Hostile.

Nightmare Brigade
The Special Tactics Unit of the Gorin Empirical Military and the Gorin Royal Guard. Lead by "Mustang," this group of twelve specialize in assassination, espionage, hostage retrieval, negotiation, and siege tactics. Each member is specially outfitted with customized weapons and gear suited towards their own personal specialties.

Promethean Network
Guided by the ever watchful eye of Prometheus, the Prometheans are a 'nation' of artificial intelligence programs inhabiting mechanical bodies, all networked together and synced up to their god and central server, Prometheus. The Prometheans have an uneasy alliance with Elysium and are in a long standing, rickety cease-fire with Jigoku; but are otherwise a peaceful nation.

Rift Revengance
Lead by an Uruk half-giant known only as Juggernaught, this warmongering group of marauders is prone to random acts of violence, they attack without warning and leave only death and destruction in their wake, this is the only group powerful, confidant, egotistical, and foolish enough to attack the Merchants of Death, they are also the only group to ever attack a MOD squad and survive the encounter. The Rift Revengeance is an extremely hostile nation, and has declared open war on the entire continent of Xerakhan. They have declared a small town, known as Decimal, in the mountains between Gorin and Xiaji Kaihua to be their capital.

Sovereign Intelligence Gathering Hunter Troop
A division of the Holy Order of Paladins Eternal, founded by Tibereon Crimrose and Adrian Eulogy for the main purpose of taking down the Knights of Hell. S.I.G.H.T. has a strong alliance with the Gorin Empire and has declared war on Jigoku, all other political standings are unknown.

The central government of Xiaji Kaihua, currently ruled by Gilead King of Dwarves, seated in Fjellet Hjerte.

Viva Vitis
Lead by Derrick Grossmann, this ragtag rebellion is known for attacking high profile empirical targets, many of the group are rumored to be able to walk through walls or even vanish, not only from sight, but seemingly from existence. Viva Vitis is a hostile nation of little worry, but has declared open war on the Gorin Empire.

Zodiac Council
The governing body of Xiao Qiu, seatd in Anga Mji, the Zodiac Council replaced the previous tyrannical monarchy in part to ensure that non humans would always have a safe haven, in the event that Gorin's human-centric views got out of hand, but also to provide an equal and just government free from corruption for its own citizens. The Zodiac Council has an uneasy alliance with the Gorin Empire, but is otherwise a very secretive nation.

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